Scaling Oversight of Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

Watch this roundtable discussion and learn from top industry executives at Northwestern Mutual, HTK, and Lincoln Financial Network about scaling fee-for-service planning within financial institutions. Discover the revenue and advisor satisfaction results that these companies have experienced and gain valuable insights into:

  • The differences between fee-for-service financial planning and product and investment advisory businesses

  • How to launch a scaleable fee-for-service financial planning business from the start

  • How technology-assisted workflows can replace fragile spreadsheets and manual processes

These leading firms are not only empowering advisors with the latest approaches but also gaining critical management and compliance oversight while driving incremental revenues and gaining scale through the latest technologies.

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Meet Our Panelists


Alan Moore, CFP ® - Moderator


Mary Young, CFP®, ChFC, CRPC®
AVP – LFN National Planning Institute
Lincoln Financial Network


Erik Zipp, CFP®
Vice President, Investment Products
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company


Erin Jagusak
Managing Director, Investment Advisory Services
Hornor, Townsend & Kent (HTK)

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