Scaling Financial Planning Into a Revenue Center for Your Enterprise

The financial planning business model is evolving rapidly from the days of when it was a time-consuming and complex loss-leader. It is now being powered by advanced technology to become a highly lucrative fee-based revenue stream. Join us to learn from top industry executives as they share their journey in repositioning and re-introducing financial planning to their firm’s thousands of advisors through subscription models, retainers, and other fee-for-service arrangements. Not only are these leading firms empowering advisors with the latest approaches, but they are also gaining critical management and compliance oversight, while driving incremental revenues and gaining scale through the latest technologies. 

Watch the webinar replay and learn:

  • How financial planners are charging for financial plans
  • Systems and processes to manage charging for financial plans in a scalable way
  • Scaling review and oversight of the entire engagement process and financial planning deliverables



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