Announcing our Integration with DocuSign!

At AdvicePay, we are continually working to build new features and integrations that streamline your workflows, free up your time, and simplify the process for your clients. That's why we are excited to announce our newest integration with DocuSign! This powerful, new integration will be a game-changer for your business. You'll now be able to manage the client agreement and invoicing process in one easy-to-use solution.


What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an eSignature solution that makes getting your client agreements signed easy, eliminates manual tasks, and connects with the tools you are already using (like AdvicePay!). You can read more about DocuSign over on their website



What can I do with the DocuSign and AdvicePay integration?

Customers with the API version of DocuSign will be able to connect their DocuSign account to their AdvicePay account. 

  • Enterprises can manage company agreements and invoicing in the same system. Making it easy to standardize templates or agreements made available for advisors to use. 
  • Simplify the invoicing and agreement process for Advisors with a single workflow.
  • Clients can now sign and pay in one easy step! Additionally, clients will now have their agreement and invoice history in one place -- their AdvicePay client portal. 

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Be the first to get the DocuSign integration, going live October 14th!

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Honor Randall, Enterprise Relationship Manager

We’re excited to roll out our integration with DocuSign and know it’ll help streamline the processes at your Enterprise. Be the first to get the DocuSign integration! If you are interested in using this feature or want to learn a little more about the functionality, please schedule a meeting with me so we can work together for a smooth transition.