As your company grows, we know that it’s even more important to stay organized and to increase efficiency. That’s why we’ve spent the last few months working on Offices in AdvicePay. Offices allow you to group your advisors the way you see fit, all while maintaining control and oversight. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Enterprises who have multiple advisors working for the same firm
  • Enterprises who group their advisors by region
  • Enterprises who group their advisors by status (senior advisor, junior advisor, etc).


With Offices, you’ll remain in control of all Firm Settings. With new Office Settings, each Office can add additional control if they choose to do so. Let’s look at firm logos for example:

  • If you allow advisors to upload their own logo, that ability will flow through to each Office. The Office Manager would then be able to upload a logo for their entire Office or they could pass that setting on and allow each individual advisor to upload their own logo.
  • If you do not allow advisors to upload their own logo, Office Managers will not have the ability to upload a logo or allow advisors to do so. The Enterprise logo will appear instead.


Office Managers can set Office-wide settings, with your permission, for their Office. These could include:

  • Disclosures
  • Logos
  • Invoice Details

Office Managers can also allow advisors the ability to control their own disclosures, logos, etc.

Office Managers will be able to see all advisors and clients within their Office. Standard Advisors and Read-only Advisors will continue to only see their clients and invoices.

With Offices, the Managing Advisor role will be changing slightly. Managing Advisors will no longer have the ability to change/view Firm Settings. If you currently have any Managing Advisors that are managing Firm Settings, you’ll want to switch them to an Admin role.

Not exactly! While you’ll see the ability to create Offices and group advisors, there will be no changes for Standard and Read-only Advisors. All Firm Settings will continue to apply to advisors.

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Honor Randall, Practice Management Consultant
We’re excited to roll out Offices and know it’ll add an additional layer of organization at your Enterprise. If you are interested in using this feature or want to learn a little more about the functionality, please schedule a meeting with me so we can work together for a smooth transition. Watch our quick 3-minute video to learn more about Offices!